Bali 4.3

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4+2 cabins bareboat catamaran is a thoroughly unique vessel with a breakthrough concept in living accommodations. You will sail includes plenty of privacy & accommodations for the owners in the port hull that reminded you of a compact urban apartment.

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“Bali 4.3”, Bare boat catamaran, 4+2 Cabins/4 Head(s), based in Phuket

Bali 4.3 is all about maximizing space both topsides and belowdecks. However, to retain performance, the designer made the hulls flare to distinct chines just above the waterline, so that the underwater sections would remain narrow and efficient. This also ensures plenty of reserve buoyancy, an important feature in a boat with a solid foredeck like this one.

I liked the powerplant installation. The twin Kubota diesels are mated to saildrives at their forward ends, providing excellent engine maintenance access. I could actually step down into the compartment and reach every surface of the engine—mechanics rejoice! Our test boat had a genset on a shelf in the starboard hull and was scheduled to receive a large watermaker in the same space to port.


Catana has a history of quality construction. And while the Bali line does not employ the carbon fiber reinforcement, lightweight laminate bulkheads, daggerboards and other performance enhancers that the company’s semi-custom boats are known for (in the interest of keeping costs down) it is still very well built. The hulls have balsa cores above the waterline and incorporate gray-water holding tanks in their stub keels, an interesting solution for discharge-restrictive waterways. The hulls and superstructure are constructed using vacuum infusion to ensure a lightweight but stiff layup.

Catana’s new facility in La Rochelle, France, is the source of the builder’s smaller vessels, including the Bali 4.3. The roads there limit what can be transported from the factory to a launch site, so any and all boats larger than this one continue to come from the facility at Canet-en-Roussillon. I mention this difference because our test boat, an early production model, experienced some birthing issues. More about that later.

The mast is stepped at the 40 percent station, giving space for a large, self-tacking Solent jib. Putting a flybridge on a boat this size necessitates a high boom and small mainsail, so the jib is a significant source of power when under sail.

Above Deck

The thing that makes sailors stop and stare at the Bali 4.3 is the main deck layout. Simply put, it’s a huge entertainment platform with an openness not found on other boats this size. Central to this concept is the “garage door,” a removable bulkhead enclosing the aft end of the saloon that rises electrically into the overhead to create a huge open space for fair weather and entertaining. If the weather deteriorates or you want more privacy and security, simply press a button and lower the bulkhead. There are still windows and a door in the bulkhead, but you now have a boat with an enclosed pilothouse. Pretty slick.

A slot molded into the cabintop serve as a grab rail, so moving along the side decks feels secure. That said, the boat really needs an additional rail between the forward end of the cabin top and the foredeck party pit.

Take a few steps up either side from the afterdeck, and you are on a pleasant flybridge. All the sailing controls are here, along with a comfortable helm seat, another sunbathing lounge and flush-mounted solar panels.

Space & Comfort

You will sail includes plenty of privacy & accommodations for the owners in the port hull that reminded me of a compact urban apartment. The two guest cabins in the starboard hull are very pleasant as well, with dimensions more typical of a boat this size.

The apartment theme, which Catana calls “Loft Mode,” continues on the main deck, where there’s an unusual division of the galley space, with the cooktop and sink forward, and the household-size fridge and microwave to starboard and aft. However, counter space abounds in both areas and the layout works. For entertaining, in particular, the layout makes sense, as the serious cooking is separated from where you prepare drinks.

The forward end of the saloon is all windows, and the big central pane lowers and rises on pneumatic lifts in the bulkhead. This, in turn, makes it easy to pass out refreshments to the loungers in the foredeck cockpit. However, while these huge expanses of glass provide excellent visibility and a sense of space, I fear they would be a liability in an offshore storm unless shutters were fitted over them. With that in mind, I see this as a coastal cruiser, not a voyager.

We set the main and unrolled the asymmetric reaching headsail in a true wind of 6 to 7 knots and were rewarded with a boat speed just over 5 knots, quite a respectable performance.

Unfortunately, the steering felt springy and imprecise, and became all the more difficult sailing to windward, not from a design problem but as the result of some kind of an installation issue. Under load there were even times when the steering system bound up to a point where I was unable to hold an accurate course.

Also, the Solent jib needed a pennant at its tack to make it set properly, so that we could not point as well as we should into the wind, and the jib sheet winches were installed incorrectly and therefore difficult to use. Again, these were all installation problems that should be straightforward to fix. However, they did preclude a truly accurate assessment of the boat’s sailing ability that day. With these glitches smoothed out, I expect the Bali 4.3 to be a nice sailing boat.

We motored out of Annapolis at better than 8 knots with the engines turning at 2,500rpm, which gave us a sound level of 75 dBA in the saloon. The engine and prop combination is obviously ample for the boat.

In close quarters, the Bali 4.3 will not embarrass the skipper. It is more responsive than most cats this size, with a turning circle under one boatlength, and easily pirouettes with differential power from the engines and unusually good rudder control in reverse.

The Bali 4.3 is a thoroughly unique vessel with a breakthrough concept in living accommodations. 

Year of build: 2014


Double bed 4
Forepeak Cabin Single yes, 2
Showers 4
Toilets 4
Fly Bridge yes


Bimini yes, on flybridge
Cockpit Shower yes
Cockpit Speakers yes
Electric Anchor Windlass yes
Swimming ladder yes
Cockpit Cushions yes + cushions on the flybridge and sunbathing deck
Cockpit Table yes, 2
Dinghy yes
Electric Winch yes
Outboard Engine yes


Electric Toilet Pump yes
Cabin Fans yes


Depth Sounder yes
Speed Log yes
VHF yes
Wind Instruments yes
GPS Plotter yes


Lazy Jacks with Lazy Bag yes
Main Sail battened yes
Roller Genoa yes


Freezer yes, part of full size fridge
Steering Wheel yes


Solar Panel yes, 4 x 100 W


Refrigerator yes, full size
Water maker yes


Maximum 10
Recommended 8


BEAM 7.12 m / 23.35 ft.
DRAFT 1.20 m / 3.93 ft
Engine 2 x 50 hp
Fuel Tank 800 L
LOA 13.10 m / 43 ft.
Water Tank 800 L


The Price start from 527 EURO (per night) (period: 18.05.2018 to 05.10.2018)

The Price consist of: Charter Fee + Mandatory Extras + Optional Extras


Cleaning – 250 EURO (per stay)
Starter Pack – 40 EURO (per stay)
Handling fees  – 30 EURO (per stay)


06.10.2017 to 03.11.2017 – 817 EURO (per night)
04.11.2017 to 22.12.2017 – 1 194 EURO (per night)
23.12.2017 to 02.03.2018 – 1 842 EURO (per night)
03.03.2018 to 13.04.2018 – 1 126 EURO (per night)
14.04.2018 to 18.05.2018 – 916 EURO (per night)
19.05.2018 to 17.08.2018 – 812 EURO (per night)
18.05.2018 to 05.10.2018 – 527 EURO (per night)


06.10.2017 to 03.11.2017 – 5 725 EURO (7 nights)
04.11.2017 to 22.12.2017 – 8 360 EURO (7 nights)
23.12.2018 to 02.03.2018 – 12 895 EURO (7 nights)
03.03.2018 to 13.04.2018 – 7 885 EURO (7 nights)
14.04.2018 to 18.05.2018 – 6 410 EURO (7 nights)
19.05.2018 to 17.08.2018 – 5 690 EURO (7 nights)
18.05.2018 to 05.10.2018 – 3 685 EURO (7 nights)

15 % Discount. Minimum duration – 7 nights

14.10.2017 to 28.10.2017 – 4 886 EURO (7 nights)
16.12.2017 to 23.12.2017 – 7 106 EURO (7 nights)

14 % Discount. Minimum duration – 7 nights

12.05.2018 to 19.05.2018 – 5 513 EURO (7 nights)
19.05.2018 to 18.08.2018 – 4 893 EURO (7 nights)
18.08.2018 to 06.10.2017 – 3 169 EURO (7 nights)
06.10.2018 to 13.10.2017 – 4 893 EURO (7 nights)

20 % Discount. Minimum duration – 10 nights

19.05.2018 to 18.08.2018 – 4 552 EURO (7 nights)
18.08.2018 to 06.10.2018 – 2 948 EURO (7 nights)

21 % Discount. Minimum duration – 14 nights

19.05.2018 to 18.08.2018 – 4 495 EURO (7 nights)
18.08.2018 to 06.10.2018 – 2 911 EURO (7 nights)

23 % Discount, Minimum duration – 21 nights

19.05.2018 to 18.08.2018 – 4 381 EURO (7 nights)
18.08.2018 to 06.10.2018 – 2 837 EURO (7 nights)

21 % Discount, Minimum duration – 28 nights

19.05.2018 to 18.08.2018 – 4 495 EURO (7 nights)
18.08.2018 to 06.10.2018 – 2 911 EURO (7 nights)


Cleaning – 250 EURO (per stay)
Starter Pack – 40 EURO (per stay)
Handling fees  – 30 EURO (per stay)


Crew Change 200 EURO (per stay)
Hostess/Cook 130 EURO (per day)
Skipper 150 EURO (per day)
Fishing Rod 15 EURO (per day)
Fishing Rod (1 week) 100 EURO (per stay)
Fishing Rod (2 weeks) 160 EURO (per stay)
Fishing Rod (3 weeks) 200 EURO (per stay)
Stand up paddle-board 25 EURO (per day)
Stand up paddle-board (1 week) 160 EURO (per stay)
Stand up paddle-board (2 week) 250 EURO (per stay)
Stand up paddle-board (3 week) 365 EURO (per stay)
Kayak (2 seats) 20 EURO (per day)
Kayak (2 seats) for 1 week 120 EURO (per stay)
Kayak (2 seats) for 2 weeks 200 EURO (per stay)
Kayak (2 seats) for 3 weeks 280 EURO (per stay)
All Consumables Included 35 EURO (per day)
Child net 250 EURO (per stay)
Wifi internet device 50 EURO (per stay)
Cell phone (not including sim card & usage costs) 42 EURO (per week)
Damage Waiver 48 EURO (per day)


Half-board from 1 to 4 pax 30 EURO (day/per person)
Half-board for 5 pax and more 27 EURO (day/per person)
Full-board for 5 pax and more pax (include soft drinks only) 35 EURO (day/per person)
Full-board from 1 to 4 pax 40 EURO (day/per person)


 For the way from Langkawi to Phuket 340 EURO (per stay)
For the way from Phuket to Langkawi 450 EURO (per stay)


Transfer from Phuket Airport to Phuket pier for 1-4 pax 60 EURO (per stay)
Transfer from Phuket Airport to Phuket pier for 5-8 8 pax 90 EURO (per stay)
Transfer from Phuket Airport to Phuket pier for 9-12 pax 115 EURO (per stay)


“BAY REGATTA” 1 200 EURO (per boat)
“PHUKET RACE WEEK” 800 EURO (per boat)
“REGATTA SURCHARGE” 1 650 EURO (per boat)
“KING’S CUP REGATTA” 1 200 EURO (per boat)