Extreme Adventure Park

2,500 ฿

For most people who pluck up the courage to do that, it will be the scariest extreme sports experience of their lives. If adrenaline is your needs, you can not miss that adventure!

Hollow Mountain is Southeast Asia’s most extreme adventure park.

Hollow Mountain Extreme Adventure Park is an adventure park located just outside Ao Nang in Krabi province, Southern Thailand. Our adventure park is built inside and on the surface of Hollow Mountain, which for many people will be their first up-close look at a “karst” mountain. The mountain is riddled with caves, including the enormous Main Cave where much of the action takes place. The park was designed, built and is managed by Simon Ramsden, a British engineer.

Here have three thrilling activities – Ziplines, Rope Swings & Via Ferrata – and for all three activities we have built an extreme version designed to terrify you in complete safety. This adventure park is not for children or the unfit, only reasonably fit people 21 years of age or older and less than 100 kg in weight can come.



Most people have never done a real rope swing: maybe they’ve taken a 4 to 5 meter swing over a river, but that’s as far as it goes.
At Hollow mountain we offer the real deal: both of our rope swings, the Junior Swing and the Emperor Swing, have an arc of almost 100 meters long.

The difference between them is that the Junior Swing, whilst exhilarating and great fun, is really not very scary at all. The Emperor Swing, on the other hand will be, for those brave-hearts who have the courage to do it, quite possibly the scariest extreme sports experience of their lives.

  • “Emperor Swing”, for most people who pluck up the courage to do the Emperor Swing, it will be the scariest extreme sports experience of their lives. From the launch platform, twin 40-metre ropes extend horizontally to the anchor at the opposite side of the main cave. When the swinger jumps off the launch platform, he/she freefalls 30 metres and is then catapulted at high speed outside of the main cave entrance. This is the most extreme above-ground sports activity in South-East Asia. Some people, after reaching the launch platform for the Emperor Swing, do not have the courage to jump. This is understandable and not a problem – we simply lower these people to the base of the main cave instead.



Hollow Mountain offers 2 zip-lines:

  • “Decapitation Zip-line” – is the only one we are aware of on the planet where the rider rides underneath a rock roof. It is called Decapitation because it looks like the rock roof will knock your head off. This effect is made worse by the fact that, before the rider starts the ride, the cables are virtually touching the roof – they only sag down enough to allow safe passage after the rider’s weight pushes them down and away from the roof. As well as passing underneath a roof, the ride passes between a pair of stalactites, giving the impression that broken limbs are a risk.
  • “Terminator Zip-line”: is 200 meters long, 50 meters high zip-line has been deliberately made very steep in order to increase the fear factor. Unlike all other zip-lines in Thailand, which bring the rider to a gentle halt after decelerating gradually, our Terminator Zip-line only starts to brake the rider when he is 17 meters away from the vertical rock-face to which the landing station is attached. The rider is braked using 6 brakes, 4 of which are redundant and are there to ensure that it is totally impossible for the rider to collide with the rock-face. It is comforting for the rider to know this, but it is an extremely scary experience to hurtle towards a rock-face and be braked at the last minute. Until the rider hits the brakes 17 meters from the end, it feels like he or she is certain to crash straight into the rock face. Everybody has the option of opting out of the Terminator Zip-line and going down the Jungle-trail instead.

Decapitation runs under a rock roof, giving the illusion that the roof will take the rider’s head off. Terminator is an extremely fast zip-line where the rider hurtles towards a rock-face – for most people, it will be the scariest zip-line they have ever done.



A “VIA FERRATA” is a steel staircase glued into a rock face

This staircase can run either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Safety is ensured by the presence of a steel cable running alongside the steel rungs, which are glued into the rock face and which are used as hand and footholds. Via ferratae provide inexperienced climbers a means of enjoying the mountain preserves of the serious mountaineer. High quality equipment dedicated to the purpose is required, as is a willingness to learn a tolerance for vertigo.


Hollow Mountain adventure park offers 3 different Via Ferratas, as follows:

  • “Vertigo VF“, is the most extreme VF in Thailand, if not all of South-East Asia. This VF runs 90 meters vertically almost straight up. It is only suitable for people who are physically strong enough to climb the stairwell of a 9-storey building. Halfway up there is an exposed traverse over the top of a cave where the participant’s feet appear to be suspended in thin air.
  • “Baby VF”, is a very easy introduction to “via ferrata”, which also forms the access to large parts of the adventure park.
  • “Emperor Approach VF”, is a straightforward VIA FERATTA which leads to the launch platform for theEmperor Swing. It is made somewhat intimidating by its location in the mountain’s higher reaches and with 50 metres of fresh air underneath the climber’s feet.


Jungle-trail + Main Cave

The only remaining pristine jungle in Thailand is in the mountains. The jungle trail up Hollow Mountain runs through virgin territory and offers most visitors the most authentic jungle experience they’ve ever had. In order to experience this, effort is required. The jungle trail, which leads to all the activities on Hollow Mountain, is only about 500 meters long – but it is steep. The Main Cave, which is where the jungle trail ends, and which forms the center of the adventure park, is 220 meters above the start of the trail. Enormous tropical trees rear out of the ground on all sides. It is necessary to climb 3 steep steel ladders, the tallest of which is 7 meters long, in order to reach the Main Cave. No safety systems are in place when climbing these steel ladders.

If you cannot hike a trail to the top of a 220 meters-high hill, then you would be well-advised to not come to Hollow Mountain. Rest periods are included during the hike up the trail. There is no hurry and rest stations are provided as you go up.

This is the center of the Hollow Mountain adventure park and is reached by the Jungle Trail. There is a comfortable viewing platform built here, from which people can watch their fellow adventurers on all 3 Via Ferratas and both Rope Swings, plus on the Decapitation Zipline. It is also the launch and landing station for the Junior Swing.

PROGRAM 1-st : 3 000 THB per/person

    The Program include: Jungle Trail, Baby Via Ferrata, Junglearing, Via Ferrata, Decapitation Zipline, Emperor Swing, Lunch & Water


PROGRAM 2-nd : 4 000 THB per/person

     The Program include: Jungle Trail, Baby Via Ferrata, Junglearing, Via Ferrata, Decapitation Zipline, Emperor Swing, Lunch & Water


PROGRAM 3-rd : 5 000 THB per/person

     The Program include: all of the activities of Program 1 and Program 2 plus our Terminator Zip-line.



  • Minimum age 21
  • Maximum weight 100 kg
  • A reasonable standard of fitness is required
  • You carry your own gear & water
  • Programs may be modified according to the weather
  • Shoes with ankle support must be worn – no flip flops


Transfer: Joined (by land)

Pick up location:

  • Pick-up & Drop-off at your hotel
  • Outside of McDonalds (Ao Nang Cliff Beach Resort)
  • Outside of Slumber Party 1


Pick up times: 08:30 – 15:00, 10:30 – 17:00


*If your hotel on Railay, you have to come to Ao Nammao pier by your self (from Railay East), or we can order private boat for you, with extra charge 1 500 THB per/round trip.




Hollow Mountain is Asia’s most extreme adventure park. This is because we have three thrilling activities – ziplines, rope swings and via ferrata – and for all three activities we have built an extreme version designed to terrify you in complete safety. This adventure park is not for children or the unfit, only reasonably fit people 21 years of age or older and less than 100kg in weight can come.
Though no technical expertise is required, there is some physical strength and fitness necessary for our itineraries. For this reason, each of our activities is given a strength/endurance factor as well as a thrill factor.
All of our vertiginous tours take you to the enormous and spectacularly beautiful cave at the centre of Hollow Mountain. Very few of our customers have ever seen anything like the topography on display here, with stalactites dripping from the roof and walls like wax from a candle. Our “Vertigo” via ferrata then takes you to the very top of the mountain, from where panoramic views of Krabi province and the off-shore islands are to be enjoyed.



We have the biggest rope swing in Asia – our “Emperor” swing is 120 meters long and starts with free-falling straight down for 30 metres. This is a terrifying and totally life-affirming experience, expect to be on an emotional high for at least the rest of the day.

Our “Decapitation” zipline is the only one we are aware of on the planet where you ride just underneath a rock roof. This is highly intimidating, especially as this zipline is located high up on the mountain, with 220 metres of fresh air under your feet.

Only people with necks less than a metre in length can do this ride, people with longer necks will lose their heads.

Our “Terminator” zipline is terrifying in 2 different ways. Firslty, it does not decelerate gradually like all other ziplines in Thailand. For the first 200 metres it accelerates continually, before braking (surprisingly comfortably) in the last 15 metres. Secondly, it terminates in a landing station perched 50 metres up a rock pillar, giving the rider the impression that he is about to collide with a rock face at high speed. Adult nappies are available on request.

A via ferrata (“VF”) is a steel staircase glued into a rock-face, with an accompanying steel safety cable installed alongside it.

Our “Vertigo” VF is Thailand’s most extreme. It rises 90 metres straight up from its start point way above the surrounding countryside. In some spots it overhangs slightly. One stretch consists of a traverse over the top of a cave, with nothing but 270 metres of thin air underneath the adventurer’s feet.

FUN – this is the bottom line. Hollow Mountain is fun – REALLY lots of fun. There is simply something about being scared witless that puts you in a great mood.


No matter how you slice it, it’s a lot of energy but also laughs and satisfaction and you cannot help but smile the rest of the day. Come join us for a tour and see for yourself why Hollow Mountain has created such a buzz.



Safety is paramount on Hollow Mountain. This is easily claimed, but in our case it is demonstrably true that our adventures are the safest in Thailand. All you have to do is look at the pictures on the website to verify that:

  • Our ziplines use 2 steel cables, not just a single cable like everywhere else in Thailand
  • Our rope swings use 2 ropes, not just a single rope like everywhere else in Thailand
  • Our lower-offs use 2 ropes, not just a single rope like everywhere else in Thailand


In addition to the above:

  • We use only top quality gear supplied by Petzl, with pulleys brought in from Ronstan, the highest specification yachting pulleys available in the world.
  • Everything has been built to IRATA(International Ropes Access Trade Association) level 3 safety standards
  • Foreign owned and supervised
  • Highly trained staff trained to IRATA level 2 standard.
  • All systems are at least 20 times as strong as they need to be – for example the dual ropes on the rope swings are rated to 2,800 kg, whereas the maximum rider weight is 100 kg.



Most of the activities on the mountain are perfectly safe and pose no risk of injury whatsoever. This is because all safety systems are duplicated. The ziplines use 2 cables, not one. The lower-offs are backed up by a secondary rope with a fall arrest device. The rope swings both employ dual ropes and dual independent anchor systems.


Some of the activities DO pose a risk of injury and are not suitable for people who are:

  • “overweight”
  • “unfit”
  • “nervous disposition”


There following outlines the risks associated with each activity of the adventure park:

  • Jungle trail: cuts & scrapes are not unlikely, and a twisted ankle may occur if you are careless.
  • The Rope Swings (Junior & Emperor): there are no risks involved. The reason they are safe is because all safety systems are duplicated.
  • Ziplines: there are no risks involved. The reason they are safe is because all safety systems are duplicated (with 3 redundant braking systems in place).
  • Via Ferratae: the adventurer climbs these steel staircases using 3 separate and independent safety lanyards. Cuts and scrapes are not unlikely, and a careless person could break a limb.



Please follow these simple guidelines on what to wear and bring to be prepared for your adventure!

  • ​Shoes or sandals – no flip-flops.
  • Wear comfortable clothing – pants or long shorts.
  • ​Bring sunscreen.
  • The mountain’s upper reaches, where most of the action takes place, are relatively free from bugs, but people who are particularly sensitive might like to bring bug repellent.
  • Hair tie for shoulder length hair.
  • Cameras are welcome – please have a strap attached to keep it securely in place.
  • Meals and drinks are provided on the tour.
  • Due to the steepness of the Hollow Mountain, please do not bring anything that might get dropped. This is a safety hazard and you will not be allowed to ascend with things that might hit people underneath you on the head if dropped.